On my wishlist right now? Striped pants! Look at these streetstyle looks featuring striped pants. You can wear these bottoms in so many ways.  This linear trend is a staple print for any spring/summer wardrobe.I know some of you might find this trend very tough to pull off, but I gathered some outfit inspiration for you. Thanks to this street style compilation, there will be no problem for you to know which stuff in your closet will work best with striped trousers.
It's crazy how much you can combine with stripes.
Who better to show us how to introduce stripes into our wardrobe than queen of style, Olivia Palermo.  Here Olivia demonstrates how to double up the look so we can truly earn our fashion stripes. A look that can be worn both day and night, keep it casual with sandals or like Olivia, pair with heels, a splash of colour and statement jewellery for an effortless stylish look that will carry you through to the evening.I'm in, I absolutely love these looks  !!!! XOXO



Being active is your chance to make a fashion statement. Not only during my workout, but wether I am running some errands, running on a treadmill or running to catch a flight,I want my outfit to look good.(You never know who you'll meet). As a runner I am always looking for a perfect pair of tights that aren’t going to go see through when I’m sweating. Seriously, the fabric is SO important. The four most important criteria when I shop for tights: Hold me in,not be in anyway see-through, not show how much I’m getting my sweat on, look fashionable. Surely thats not too much to ask for right? Functional but chic.I have to admit that I own lots, but I also use them lots, but still, the pictures here on my blog definitely give me some fitness fashion inspiration to go and look for some new ones. You need some variety, the more the better. You don't want someone with exactly the same outfit as you  ....




The see-through fashion trend might remind you of those “walking down the street naked” nightmares, so I can understand why you might be hesitant, but it’s completely possible (and actually easy) to look cool and still leave a little something to the imagination. Depending how daring you feel, you can pair a sheer blouse with a fitted tank, nude bra, or a brightly coloured bandeau. Sheer clothing is not only made for summertime where it will keep you nice and cool, but you can still wear it into the fall by pairing with a leather jacket or heavier knit.

Don't be intimated by the term “sheer.” It’s actually a trend that works for nearly everyone. It can be a pretty tricky trend to pull off because if done wrong, it can get all wardrobe malfunction-y but first and foremost, wear this style with confidence and as with all things, balance is key.